The New Peppermint OS 11 is WAY FASTER than Windows 11!

The New Peppermint OS 11 is WAY FASTER than Windows 11!

Peppermint OS 11 makes massive changes in form of the new Debian Base and Unified XFCE desktop. The system that is famous for its super-fast performance is now reborn with an even robust engine under the hood and a completely revamped experience for its users.

Many People come to the Linux world searching for something to boost their slow and old computers.
And Peppermint OS has always been one of the top choices for these people as it puts lightning speed into even decades-old computers. Super smooth performance and cloud-centric experience make this distro very unique. So if you want to revive your old computer or simply get better performance out of your laptop or desktop, this video is for you.

Peppermint OS 11 or just Peppermint as it’s called now, has dropped Ubuntu as its parent and has gone with the latest Debian Stable as its base in this new release. That changes a lot of things for Peppermint.

So let’s jump right in and see what’s new, what’s improved, the new features, and see how exactly Peppermint accelerates your computing experience with hyperspeed.

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